About Skellerup

Company Information

Beginnings in 1910
George Skellerup, a Danish Australian opened his first retail store in Christchurch, New Zealand on 12th September 1910, selling tyres and rubber goods for the dairy industry.

By 1939, three rubber factories, a wholesale distribution company and a chain of retail branches had been set-up.  These operations were consolidated in 1948, when Skellerup Industries Limited listed as a public company.

An International Company
With its head office in Christchurch, Skellerup is the principal company of Skellerup Holdings, listed on the NZX Stock Exchange and now employs  over 800 people in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, USA and China.

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Extensive Product Range
We have always been at the forefront of our markets and while there is strong domestic and international demand for our core agricultural and industrial rubber goods, the range and depth of products manufactured and marketed by Skellerup continues to grow.

As well, our solid financial position has enabled a number of acquisitions to complement our core businesses and to extend our product offering locally and globally.  

Reliability and Quality is our Strength
Our strength and our future lies in this extensive range of reliable, dependable, quality products  – from industrial rubber products, dairy rubberware (we are the second largest manufacturer in the world), to waterproof footwear, mining products, vacuum pumps and construction products.